Scholarships & Internships

The Globeleq Scholarship Fund (GSF) launched in 2014 to help develop young engineering students for the nascent renewable energy industry and actively support the transformation of the renewable energy industry.

Since 2016, the GSF recipients have been 100% black youth and over 55% female for the last two years, setting an ambitious target not only for the renewable energy industry but for other sectors who are striving to support the transformation of South Africa.

The GSF programme has a holistic approach to funding by typically not only focusing on academic achievement but also on financial need, location of the students and gender to demonstrate its commitment to increase the cache of women engineers in the country and to the sector.

The GSF includes two streams, namely Engineering and Education, a focus that was added into the programme in 2017 to specifically build teaching capacity within rural communities.

The socio-economic focus is on educational support and socio-economic programmes, including:

  • Sponsorship of teachers and educational equipment
  • A bursary programme
  • Laundry service for an old age home

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