August 2020

It has been announced that Kenhardt High School and Kenhardt Primary School cleaning staff have received specialised training and the necessary sanitising equipment, as the schools re-opened, following a short interval in teaching. This is at a time that the country is bracing itself for an accelerated increase in COVID-19 cases, which highlights the need for schools to be sanitised adequately.

As part of Aries Solar Powers’ support of local schools, the solar plant has provided the funding and support, to both Kenhardt High School and Kenhardt Primary School. The programme incorporated training for six staff members from the two schools, as well as personal protection equipment (PPE) that includes goggles, gumboots, nitrile gloves and hazmat suits, to help keep staff safe.

“We believe that the equipment and training is essential for our local schools as they will need to be disinfected and sanitised frequently, to reduce the risk of infection,” said Economic Development Practitioner for Aries Solar Power, Tsholofelo Moote.

The sanitising equipment included cordless spray guns, including battery and charger packs; PPE packs and disinfectant.

Earlier this year, the solar farm donated over 600 masks to the schools, an allocation of three masks for each learner, in addition to an extensive supply of sanitisers and hygiene products.

Kenhardt High School Principal, Mr. Deon Keffers, expressed relief for the assistance as many learners, staff and parents, were apprehensive about the return to school. “Some parents were afraid of sending their children to school but now I can show them that we can help keep their children and educators safe.”