December 2019

Learners and teachers from Kenhardt High School, in the Northern Cape, are finding it easier to conduct science experiments and grasp STEM subject content with the help of a new school science laboratory.

The new laboratory was handed over in September, amidst much excitement from both the science teacher and learners. Aimed at supporting the high school’s STEM programme, the refurbishment of their science lab was proposed to motivate and encourage learners to take up these critical subjects.

“I’m so happy with the lab and the facilities, it is now much quicker and safer to conduct experiments with the learners. I look forward to using the lab to its full potential next year,” commented Physical Science teacher, Ms Lerato Rabapane, who is currently helping her learners to prepare for their final year exams.

Research shows that by providing suitable science lab equipment, learners are able to interact directly with the data gathered and can get a first-hand learning experience by performing experiments on their own. This leads to a better understanding of models, scientific theories and concepts.

A Grade 10 learner at Kenhardt High School, said, “I’m excited about the new lab and the new equipment. We can now do all our experiments and also understand the work better.”

The refurbishment is part of Aries Solar Power’s Socio Economic Development (SED) programme. The solar farm, which is located close to the Kenhardt community, previously stepped in to fund the mathematics and science teaching post, after the school had been left for an extended period without a single mathematics and science teacher, a crucial teaching post in secondary education.

The teacher was employed by Aries Solar Power and later absorbed by the Department of Education.

“We need to have maths and science students who will pursue careers in engineering, electrical and technical studies, and maths teaching,” said Anna Letsoalo, Senior Economic Development Officer for Aries Solar Power.