April 2022.

Kenhardt Primary School recently received a donation of various educational materials and equipment to help enrich the classroom environment and learning for Grade R’s as they transition into a formal schooling system. In addition, this donation will ensure that the children entering Kenhardt Primary School have access to the same level of educational resources they had when they attended Vinknessie ECD centre, which is their direct feeder school.

“Because our Grade R learners learn by doing, it was difficult for them to memorise and differentiate as we had no proper learning and teaching materials. Since most of the materials we had were self-made, learners couldn’t easily gain a firm foundation. I am confident that we will see great improvements with the new equipment,” said Kenhardt Primary School Principal, Mrs Janetta Matthys.

Through the support Aries Solar Power provided to Vinknessie ECD centre in 2021, the solar power plant identified the need for sufficient classroom resources and teaching and learning materials at Kenhardt Primary School and have stepped in to provide funding for these needs.

“We noticed that when the children moved from Vinknessie ECD to Kenhardt Primary School they were not offered the same level of educational resources, hence we decided to fill this gap in their education, ensuring that no learning is lost, and no one falls behind. This is part of our commitment to the sustainability of education in the community of Kenhardt,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist for Aries Solar Power, which is situated just outside of Kenhardt.

This funding forms part of the solar plant’s Socio-Economic Development Programme, which supports equal access to quality education for children from 3 to 6 years. A comprehensive assessment of all relevant needs has been undertaken, within a 50km radius of Aries Solar Power’s plant.